Sports Activities, History, Culture, Art

Hiking and conquests of mountain peaks. Mysterious castles and luxurious churches. Row on the lake and ride downhill with mountain bikes. Historical personas and cultural heritage. Fishing along the roar of the Kokra river and sailing above the clouds. A peasants' holiday and a boutique music festival. Sandwich in a bag and culinary excesses. And everything in between. Very close to the main airport and the capital Ljubljana.

Thematic Trails

Take a walk along the 14th century freight route through the history of our town. Discover the secrets of Preddvor storks on an interactive directed hike through the forest with your little ones. Take the isolated but well-marked trails and get to know our cultural heritage, rivers, streams, plants and the animal kingdom.

Thematic Trails

Spend the Day a Little Differently

Untouched meadows, pastures and forests, rich cultural and architectural heritage and hospitable locals offer every visitor a slightly different experience every day. For a little encouragement, we can invite you to the kingdom of our bees, to our fairytale castle or to an auditory adventure, from which you will be able to take the sound prints home or send them to your loved ones.

Local Market

Souvenirs and memories

Slovenia is famous for its variety of dishes and flavors, organic farming and handicraft artists. Each landscape is colored differently, each place has its own peculiarities. Even Preddvor.

Experience our hospitality

Just as mountains, plains, rivers and the sea mix in our country's land, so the tastes mix between landscapes. Our caterers are extremely unique in preparing their culinary masterpieces and you will find delicious surprises on every menu. Whether it is traditional Preddvor and Slovenian dishes or the greatest achievements of world master chefs, all will be accompanied by tastes of excellent wines from the best Slovenian winemakers.

Stay With Us Just a Bit Longer

Pampering in a hotel or boarding house, renting a modern apartment, staying in a dream cottage, the charm of rural tourism, overnight stays in mountain huts, romance in glamping huts. We offer a wide variety of accommodations in all seasons. In addition to tidiness, cleanliness, safety and comfort, they have another important common denominator: hospitable and cordial hosts.


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