Cycling Connections under Storžič

From Preddvor you can take the circular cycling route to Kranj, all the while enjoying a pleasantly varied route with a beautiful view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The path leads along both concrete and macadam paths, past meadows and fields, through pleasantly cool forests and right next to the river Kokra. Cycling connection under Storžič no. 10 takes you from the center of Preddvor through Mače to Bašelj, which has a beautiful view of the church of St. Lovrenc. On the way to Trstenik, be sure to turn at sign 10a towards Čadovlje, from where the path leads you between meadows to Tatinec and from there towards Kranj. Going back, return on path no. 10 in the direction of Predoslje through Suha, where you turn right onto a pebbled educational trail along the river Kokra, in or along which you can cool off and refresh yourself. Continue towards Breg, turn left up the slope and you will see Preddvor. After a successful tour, you can treat yourself to a homemade meal in the pizzeria Gorski privez , and in front of the court in the Restaurant Majč.

523 m
27, 9 km
1 h 45 min
Difficulty Level: