From lake to lake

From the center of Preddvor, near the church of St. Peter, take the main road towards lake Črnava. Do not turn towards the lake below the slope, but cross both bridges, after which turn left onto the main road to Jezersko. The road climbs slowly in the first half of the route and leads you right next to the tranquil river Kokra, which provides a beneficial coolness in the summer. Almost half of the way you will drive through the village of Kokra, which is considered to be the longest village in Slovenia and ends just before the provincial stone that once divided the region of Carniola from Carinthia. You will cross the Kokra river several times along the way. In Spodnje Jezersko, it will disappear from your sight and in the continuation of the path you will be accompanied only by its gentle murmur. From here, an ascent of about 7 percent begins, which takes you all the way to Zgornje Jezersko. Continue past the gas station, through the village, to the right turn for Planšar lake, where you can relax while looking at the mighty peaks. However, if you still have enough strength, you can continue all the way to the border with Austria on Jezerski vrh.

593 m
22,9 km
1 h 30 min
Difficulty Level: