Path around Brdo park

In the center of Preddvor, near the church of St. Peter, turn in the direction of Breg and continue straight across the field along the cart track. When you cycle into the village, turn right past the Ušlakar Tourist Farm and turn left after a little bit. At the end of the concrete road, continue straight along the cart track that leads into the forest. After a few meters, when the path joins the macadam road that leads around Brdo park, turn left and continue along the forest path that leads right next to a fence. You will arrive at the estate Brdo, where we warmly recommend a walk through the beautiful park Brdo, but you can just freshen up in their cafe. Return to the main road leading to Kranj and at the end of the Brdo estate, turn right over the bridge and rejoin the forest path around the estate. After a while you will come to larger meadows, where at the end the path branches off to the cart track towards Srednja Bela (no sign). Continue along the road in the direction of Preddvor, where you turn towards Zgornja Bela at the roundabout. To finish, treat yourself to a great lunch at the Restaurant Pr' Bizjak. From their parking lot, continue east, over the bridge, past the kindergarten, where you turn right at the crossroads opposite the transformer station. A couple more turns and you are already at the starting point in the center of Preddvor.

213 m
13,9 km
1 h
Difficulty Level: