Throw a fish hook and enjoy

Fishermen are connected by a love of nature, water, fishing and socializing. All these pleasures are provided by the river Kokra with picturesque river banks and Lake Črnava with a beautiful mountain scenery. The extraordinary purity of both is the reason for their extremely diverse fauna and flora.

Kokra is one of the largest Slovenian mountain rivers. Torrential upper and middle streams belong to the Natura 2000 area and are specially protected in terms of nature protection. This part of the river is mainly home to the autochthonous brook and artificially introduced rainbow trout, and further down towards the Preddvor dam in the direction of Kranj there are also grayling and chub. In Kokra, fly fishing with an artificial fly is allowed.

Lake Črnava includes chub, brown trout and rainbow trout. When fishing, the fishing period for each species must be taken into account. Fishing with a glitter, puller, silicone bait, artificial fly and wobbler is allowed, and boat hunting, fly fishing and screwing are also possible. 

The purchase of a fishing permit is only possible online.

There are also breeding flocks of grayling in the lake. However, fishing of this species is not allowed.