Panoramic path below Javorov vrh in the Kokra valley

The signs at Čemšenik hut direct you to the east, when in half an hour you reach the path that leads you through Krems. Yellow markings will lead you along a well-trodden path to a bench at an altitude of 1050 m, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley. Follow the yellow signs that lead you to another bench, placed on the highest part of this path, 1180 m above sea level, from where you can see Krvavec and the Ljubljana plain. In autumn, you will be impressed by the view of the glowing colors of larch and beautiful pine trees. Continue west towards Baba. After 15 minutes, cross the marked mountain trail that leads from Čemšenik hut to Potoška gora or Javorov vrh. Follow the signs to the west when, after half an hour of walking through the woods, you suddenly have a view and see a bench at the top of Baba. The bench hosts a beautiful view of the mighty Grintovec, Kočna and the Julian Alps. From here, descend past the retreat to Čemšenik hut, where you will be served excellent home-made food.

620 m
8,2 km
3 h
Difficulty Level: