Čemšenik hut (835 m)

The starting point of the trail is at the very beginning of the village of Kokra. Leave your vehicle in the parking lot on the right side at the transformer or bus station. Carefully cross the road, where you will see a signpost that leads you to the track. Ascend to the Polajnar homestead, where you turn right onto the concrete road. The road immediately will ascend steeply and it completely approaches the Čemšenik stream. The path leads you past the water dam to the footbridge, where you cross the stream. Turn sharply left, past the ramp and continue along the signs. The path ascends, crosses the stream a few times, passes water dams and takes you to the finish line after a few bends. If the first parking lot is occupied, the second starting point is located a good 50 m ahead on the left side of the road, just before the outflow of the Čemšenik stream into Kokra. From the second parking lot, first cross the stream along the edge of the bridge, where you can see a well-trodden path on the left side of the stream, a little further, at the end of a short ascent, there is a footbridge over the stream. Crossing the stream leads you to the foot of the steep stairs, along which you come to the path described above.

305 m
2,28 km
50 min
Difficulty Level: