Čemšenik hut - Javorov vrh (1434 m)

After Čemšenik hut, the signs direct you towards Javorov vrh, where the forest engulfs you after only a few meters. The moderately steep path soon leads you to a torrential ravine, along which you then climb for some time. The higher path turns right as it begins to climb even steeper. The path runs through a dense forest and leads you to a crossroads on the saddle between Potoška gora on the left and Javorov vrh on the right. The path to the left leads to Potoška gora and on to St. Jakob, as you continue to the right along a moderately steep path. After a short ascent, you arrive at the southwestern ridge of Javorov vrh, from which you have some modest views of Cjanovca. A little further on, the path turns again into a dense forest, where the next well-marked crossroads awaits you. You continue slightly to the right along the marked path in the direction of Javorov vrh. At first, the path goes slightly uphill, then becomes steeper along the south-western ridge, and soon leads you to the registration box. This one is located a few steps below the top, be careful not to miss it. The ascent is also suitable in winter, but of course use extra caution then.

566 m
2,74 km
1 h 30 km
Difficulty Level: