Bašelj – Storžič (2132 m)

When you arrive in Bašelj, turn off the main road in the direction of the Chamois Trail. Between the houses and along narrow roads, you reach the log cabin of the Bašelj Tourist Association, where you leave your car. From here, take the macadam road in the direction of Belica, Kališče and Storžič water springs. The road offers a beautiful view of Storžič. At the marked crossroads, turn in the direction of Kališče along the path. The path climbs relatively steeply through the forest, crosses a clearing and dusty road tracks several times. Arriving at the mountain signpost, continue straight on, where after a few minutes of walking you join the well-trodden path from Mače. Continue left towards Kališče, through a spruce forest and on a worn forest road that leads from the valley of the Belica stream. There is a well-marked turnoff on the right. Higher up, the forest thins out and you have a beautiful view to the south, and the bench offers a pleasant break. Continue along the path to the lodge, from where the path leads you to the lookout point, where the view opens towards Kališče hut, Mali Grintovec, the ridge of Lanež, Krvavec, ... From here there is only a short ascent and you are already at Kališče hut. Follow the signs in the direction of Storžič. Following the scenic ridge path, you arrive at a crossroads, where the path branches off to the left towards the church of St. Lovrenc above Bašelj, Javornik and Kriška gora, and to the right to Bašeljski vrh and Mali Grintovec. Then a fairly steep ascent to the top awaits you.

1542 m
4,73 km
4 h
Difficulty Level: