Suhadolnik – Cojz hut on Kokrsko sedlo (1793 m)

In the village of Kokra, pay attention to the turnoff towards the Suhadolnik farm, below which you can park your car. From the parking lot, mountain signs direct you to the right path. The markings lead you through the forest, onto tracks and finally along a forest path to a fork in the road. Here you turn left on a winding carriageway. The steep ascent takes you higher to a smaller cave, where the path becomes more demanding. With the help of a steel cable, you ascend higher, the path leads along a steep slope, where a wedge occasionally helps you. The path climbs over steep, wet slippery slopes, then leads you to a well-secured passage. With the help of a ladder and a steel cable, you climb a slope that would be quite dangerous without guard rails. Higher up, a few more pegs, an emergency fence and a ladder are there to assist you. Then descend into a small ravine, from where you ascend steeply again with the help of cables. Over time, the path leads you to a larger plain, where the "old hut" once stood. Walk across the tall grass to the other side of the plain, where you arrive at a marked crossroads. You go straight along a moderately steep path that ascends further through a strip of bushes and then settles completely. The path then begins to climb quite steeply through the pines. Your effort is rewarded by ever more beautiful views of the surroundings, which accompany you all the way to Cojz hut on Kokrsko sedlo.

900 m
3,46 km
2 h 30 min
Difficulty Level: