Kokrsko sedlo – Grintovec (2558 m)

At Cojz hut on Kokrsko sedlo, the signs direct you to the left in the direction of Grintovec, Kočna and Skuta to a path that immediately begins to climb very steeply. Higher up, it leads you to a crossroads, where you focus on an initially slightly less visible path, which leads you to a picturesque passage across Mala vratca. After the narrow passage of Mala vratca, the path begins to descend along a steep and occasionally slightly exposed slope, where a few hooks make the walk slightly easier. Cross the ravine, then climb the high mountain to the cottage below Grintovec. From here you continue along the marked path to the crossroads, where you head in the direction of Skuta and Grintovec to the next crossroads. The left path leads you through a karst world full of ravines and abysses. Carefully follow the markings that take you to Mlinarsko sedlo after a short ascent. Continue in the direction of Grintovec along a path that becomes increasingly demanding, as it leads along the exposed ridge. Then it turns to the shady side, where it becomes even harder, so use the rail guards to help you. The path is exposed to falling rocks in the upper part, so wearing a helmet would be strongly advised.

758 m
2,6 km
2 h
Difficulty Level: