Mače - Hudičev Boršt (1328 m)

In the center of Mače, turn right at the marked crossroads, and drive along the narrow road above the villages, towards a larger marked parking lot. At the end of the parking lot, there are markings that direct you to a steeply ascending track. At the beginning go past smaller crossroads, but keep to the right and continue along the marked path at all times. When you arrive at the signposts, continue left in the direction of Hudičev boršt. Climb along a marked footpath, which begins to ascend steeper through the increasingly dense forest. Eventually, the forest begins to thin out and you arrive at the scenic grassy slopes of Zaplata, from where you can already see Hudičev boršt. After a fairly steep ascent, the path joins the path that leads from Kališče from Mače. You can also take this path on your way back. Here you continue to the right and arrive at the edge of a forest and a stream. From here you are only a few steps away from the shelter in Hudičev boršt, where you will be served refreshing drinks along with your backpack lunch.

737 m
3,62 km
1 h 50 min
Difficulty Level: