Mače - Bašeljski vrh (1744)

In the center of Mače, at the marked crossroads, turn right and drive along a narrow road above the villages, where there is a larger marked parking lot. From the parking lot, head back to the road, which you follow for about half an hour to the crossroads, where you turn left towards Kališče. Cross the stream and focus on the marked footpath that goes between the tracks. Follow the path, then head for the path that leads you to the bench on the lookout hill. The path then turns into a forest, which feels as though it begins to ascend very quickly. The forest becomes a bit sparser as it brings you to the Kališče mountain. From here you only have 15 minutes to climb to Kališče hut. From the lodge, continue along a wide ridge path in the direction of Storžič and soon you will reach a turnoff that leads to the right towards Bašeljski vrh. Just a small climb further and you’re on top. The last ascend right before the top can be treacherous in winter.

1144 m
5,3 km
3 h 15 min
Difficulty Level: