Hudičev boršt - Srednji vrh (1853 m)

From Hudičev boršt, head towards the path in the direction of Kališče and Srednji vrh, which crosses the grassy slopes of Zaplata. Soon the path passes into the forest towards a marked crossroads. Continue in the direction of Cjanovca, Srednji vrh and Mali Grintovec, after which a rather steep path leads you to a small valley, where the path flattens out and leads through a sparse forest. It soon turns right and after a steep, short ascent leads you to a hut on Dolga njiva. At the hut, continue straight towards Srednji vrh, where the path first ascends over a grassy slope and passes into a strip of dwarf pine. Then it climbs towards the east and leads you to a barely visible crossroads, where it is joined by the path from the top of Cjanovca. Turn left towards the main ridge of Srednji vrh. Continue along the scenic path, which will take you to Srednji vrh after a few minutes.

477 m
2,68 km
1 h 45 min
Difficulty Level: