Chamois Trail

The beginning of the thematic trail is at the brunarica Turističnega društva Bašelj, where there is also a parking lot. A little further on, the sign of the Chamois Trail directs you to the left towards a footpath that leads you to a moderately steep wooded slope, from where you reach the edge of a meadow, then turn right. Follow its edge, turn left across the meadow to the gravel road and then immediately right into the woods. The ascent takes you to a wide forest road, which you cross and continue on into the forest. The path crosses the forest road again, then above it turns into the forest, where you continue to the right at the sign. Follow the cobble road to the left towards the church of St. Lovrenc and follow the signposts to it. Above the church, keep to the right, where you follow the well-paved path to the next sign of the Chamois Trail. It directs you to the right down the slope, to the neighboring hill, where you come to a cobbled path that leads to Storžič. Above the path is Gradišče, where late antique ruins are still visible. From here, descend along the cobble path to the bend, where you again come across a sign that then leads you all the way to the starting point. Along the way, we warmly recommend that you stop at Domu pod Lovrencem, where you will be treated to excellent bobs, as we call their famous donuts.

The route is marked with directional and information boards.




300 m
6,4 km
2 h
Difficulty Level: