The Secret of the Preddvor Storks

You can park your car in the lower school car park, from where there is a five-minute walk to the starting point of the trail, which is marked by a large information board. Take a thematic card for solving tasks and recording stamps at the information point. The cards are marked with colors according to the complexity of the challenges. You solve the chosen task, which you adapt to your abilities, all the way. Along the way, follow the stork's markings, and different animals will lure you off the path and put you in front of variously difficult tasks. If the challenge is successfully solved, return to the main route each time and continue to the next point until the end of the route. We advise parents or guardians to stay with your children at all times and encourage them to solve tasks independently. Discover and record thematic points and create a digital postcard using the EXPLORE - DISCOVER - ENJOY mobile app. Thematical landmarks are not toys, so follow the rules for their use. Use control stamps carefully to avoid damage or destruction. The trail is suitable for all generations, but requires a basic fitness level and caution when walking. Please use only marked routes and follow the routing markings. Walking along the path is at your own risk.

50 m
1-1,5 km
1-2 h
Difficulty Level: