Old freight route Kokra - Celar bridge

In the second part, the path continues past the church of St. Device Marije Brezmadežne and schools located in the center of the village of Kokra. From here you turn into the forest where the path begins to climb. At the Pustotnik farm, you can relax on a bench and enjoy the beautiful view of Krvavec. The route continues along the road towards the Roblek farm, from where you then reach the Koglar farm by forest trail, where the forest reopens and offers a view of the valley and the surrounding hills. Continue along the eastern slope above the valley of the river Kokra, one of the cleanest and most pristine Slovenian rivers. The valley of the river Kokra is one of the most picturesque alpine valleys, which is deeply encased between high mountain ridges. You arrive at the glamping Oaza miru, where you can relax, enjoy the peace or indulge in tea made from home-grown flowers. From here, another 4 km walk along the forest path awaits you until the end of the path, which ends at Celar bridge. For a successful trip, you can be rewarded with freshly prepared trout, for which the Okrepčevalnica Celar in Kokra is famous.

The trail offers silence, pristine nature and beautiful views of the nearby hills. It is marked with directional and information boards.

600 m
8 km
3 h
Difficulty Level: