Winter Fun

Winter is generally a time when nature lays down to rest, but this is not the case for all enthusiasts of winter fun. The sunny weather and white landscapes are the perfect environment for active winter adventures, which are abundant in Preddvor and its surroundings.

The nearby mountains with their pristine snowy slopes offer excellent conditions for skiers. For off-track skiing, it is imperative to plan your trip carefully. The same goes for winter mountain climbs. For those less demanding, we recommend climbing our hills or simply walking across the snowy meadows.

When the winters are cold enough and the temperature drops below zero for several days, Lake Črnava becomes covered with an ice crust, which is an ideal paradise for ice-skaters who can also enjoy the mountain scenery in the background.

Only a few kilometers from Preddvor is the Krvavec high-altitude ski resort with a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. The ski resort offers 30 km of perfectly prepared skiing tracks on natural and compact snow, suitable for all enthusiasts for skiing and other winter activities.

Our neighbors in Jezersko also offer a perfect environment for cross-country skiers. The village has had one of the best groomed cross-country trails in the world for many years.

However, we must not forget that safety comes first. Please ensure that you always go to the mountains with the appropriate equipment, carefully monitor the weather conditions and take into account your physical abilities. Conditions in the mountains can change quickly.