About the Project

Logotip ESP

Fund: EMFF - European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 

Duration of the operation: November 2020 - November 2022

Partners: BSC, business support center, d.o.o., Kranj, Municipality of Preddvor, Tourist Board Preddvor, Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia - Agricultural and Forestry Institute Kranj, BIRO Bizjak, Franc Bizjak s.p.

Total value of the operation (net eligible costs + VAT): € 283,817.91, of which the value of the EMFF was € 199,997.55 (85%)

Description of the Operation: The purpose of the operation Tourism of Fish Delights is the development of tourist products or Fish Adventure Packages. These products and packages will be comprehensively developed at the selected managed location of the wider area of Lake Črnava in the Municipality of Preddvor, also through the implementation of all necessary arrangements and equipment, acquisition of knowledge and skills and promotion. At the same time and also on the basis of the experience of the mentioned selected water location, at other water locations in the area of LAG Gorenjska košarica or conducted business and educational tourism workshops for stakeholders from these areas to develop the idea and increase the necessary knowledge for their implementation.

Goals of the Operation:

  • Development of sustainable tourism with stronger integration and integration of aquaculture, fish cuisine, sustainable fishing and learning or experiencing the fish-related nature on Lake Črnava with its wider hinterland and thus creating a comprehensive area of green fish tourism;
  • establishing conditions (knowledge, motivation, plans ...) for the spread of such tourism in some new popular water locations with their wider hinterland and thus the creation of comprehensive areas of green fish tourism. 

Activities of the Operation:

  • Management, coordination and promotion of the project and care for informing the public about the support of the project by the EMFF; 
  • development of the tourist offer of active fish experiences; 
  • establishment of infrastructure and equipment for the tourist offer of fish experiences; 
  • introduction and promotion of the tourism offer of fish experiences and dissemination of approaches.

The predominant investment in the operation is the arrangement of the western shore of Lake Črnava for the implementation of tourist products and packages that connect active fish-related experiences with other activities of active experience of nature and the countryside, as well as for active leisure of locals.

Results of the Operation:

  • Products and comprehensive packages featuring fish-related experiences, related content and locations; 
  • new employment opportunities; 
  • rearranged and better equipped surroundings of Lake Črnava (arrangements, paddleboarding); 
  • a promotional event at a location around Preddvor and a set of animated events;
  • promotional leaflet on the new offer of fish-related adventure tourism;
  • educational and promotional events in other comparable locations in the area of LAS Gorenjska košarica.