Calm Nature, Active Experiences

Preddvor lies under the steep slopes of Storžič, in a safe shelter below Zaplata, where the river Kokra emerges from the gorge, surrounded by four castles. We proudly refer to it as the "Court" of peaceful nature.

For all those who like the smell of freshly mowed grass, the sounds of cowbells on the pasture, who like reflecting in the wind among the trees, quenching their thirst in a wild spring, sitting on the river in the middle of untarnished nature, scaring off a herd of chamois on rocky slopes or reexperiencing the taste of home-baked bread, a visit to Preddvor is definitely the right decision. A small pearl surrounded by four castles. It lies below the steep slopes of Storžič, in the safe shelter of Zaplata, where the river Kokra begins its journey through the lowlands. For more than nine centuries, its background has been adorned by a mighty mountain scenery with peaks that arouse the desire of many visitors to conquer them. Storžič, a striking two-thousand meter hill with a characteristic pyramid shape, the grassy Zaplata with the mysterious Hudičev boršt and the churches on our hills glisteningly reflect their beautiful image on the surface of Lake Črnava. In the shelter of many trees, you can refresh your thoughts and fill your body with energy. The beautiful peaceful nature offers you a relaxed walk around the lake, and with centuries-old redwoods you can relive the times when the castle park flourished here with exotic tree species that are otherwise difficult to find in Slovenia. Preddvor boasts as many as four castles. Hrib Castle on Lake Črnava once hosted great people from all over Europe. It has been known and still is true that our climate has a beneficial effect on health. Wedding tourism also flourished at Hrib Castle and in its park by Lake Črnava. Not far away is Turn Castle, once the home of our first poet, writer, storyteller and composer Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska. On the way to Sv. Jakob, you will also come across a marked, easy path to the ruins of Pusti castle, which a good thousand years ago stood watch over the events in the Kokra valley.

In the center of Preddvor stands the castle Dvor, after which the town was named. In the previous century, the then-owners converted it into a sanatorium-resort called Grintovec. These were the beginnings of tourism in our parts.

Until recently, it offered a safe home for abandoned children, but today it has been thoroughly renovated and is once again used for tourism purposes. In it you can find the old pharmacy with medicinal paraphernilia, buy local delicacies in the shop of our grandparents, pour wine in the wine cellar, seal it and print a wine sticker in the old printing house. An experienced calligrapher will help you with this unique activity. We reveal the secrets of the castle on guided tours, which end in the castle café with a beautiful view of the nearby mountains and the castle park, dedicated to our great beekeeper Fran Lakmayer. Our churches, which are vigilantly watching over Preddvor, also invite you to visit. There are well-kept hiking trails leading to them, and each of them offers a stunning view of the valley. You can also discover Preddvor through well-marked themed trails. The Chamois Trail will take you to one of the most important Old Slavic archeological sites in Gradišče, the Old Freight Trail will follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, when iron and sea salt were shipped from Kranj to Carinthia, children will be happy to discover the Secrets of the Preddvor Storks, while lovers of exotic and domestic trees will love the hike along the Forest Learning Path. More experienced mountaineers can go to the two highest peaks in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Storžič or Grintovec, or visit one of the neighboring peaks. Cycling routes will lead you through forests, meadows and along the bed of the river Kokra, which is considered one of the cleanest and most pristine rivers in Slovenia. It is also extremely popular with fishermen. 

In parachute circles, this area is considered to have the best thermals. With our parachutists you can experience what it is like to share the blue sky with birds. At the end of the visit, full of adventures, we invite you to experience home-made and delicious dishes from our caterers. However, you can also stay with us slightly longer and experience our hospitality to the fullest extent.

Preddvor is beautiful and admirable at any time of the year. Visit us and see for yourself that there really is a genuine pearl under our mountains.