Fly above the clouds

Breathtaking views and friendly thermals attract paragliders from all over Slovenia and abroad. All are welcome with us and not a beautiful day passes without us noticing at least some of these peace and sky freedom enthusiasts. The Turbulence Paraglider Club operates in Preddvor, and one of the most successful paragliders in the world, Tone Svoljšak, also has his home here. Blue sky!

The closest and most popular take-off points in the center of Preddvor are Potoška gora (1283 m) and Zavetišče in Hudičev boršt on Zaplata (1328 m). The highest and most demanding is the take-off point on Storžič (2132 m), while the least demainding is St. Lovrenc above Bašlelj (892 m). The official landing place for paragliders is on the western side of Črnava lake. The development of this increasingly popular sport is encouraged by the Turbulence Paragliding Club. Its members take care of the tidiness of take-offs and landings, organize trainings, lectures and various competitions (Hike & Fly, Ski & Fly ...). Guides to take-offs, tandem jumps and who offer advice on the terms and conditions of sailing in our sky are also available to visitors. Their favorite gathering places are Pension Zaplata and Pizzerija Urša.

In paragliding circles, this is considered to be the best thermals by far. With our paragliding pilots you can gain the experience of sharing a blue sky with birds. Sail above the clouds and indulge in beautiful views.