About the Project

Fund: EAFRD - European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Duration of the Operation: January 2019 - June 2021

Partners: BSC, business support center, d.o.o., Kranj, Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia - Agricultural and Forestry Institute Kranj, Tourism Bohinj, Institute for Tourism and Culture Kranj, Institute for Tourism Preddvor, Municipality of Jesenice, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Regional Chamber for Gorenjska, Kranj

Total Value of the Operation (net eligible costs + VAT): 129,338.22, of which € 98,414.09 EAFRD value (85%)

Description: The project Culinary Travels - Tastes of Gorenjska wants to encourage innovative preparation of national dishes incorporating locally grown food that meets quality standards. To this end, the project will raise the level of quality culinary offers, by connecting tourism stakeholders with local food producers. At the same time, we will provide guidelines and training of stakeholders in this field to raise the level of knowledge, competencies, conduct a test of culinary travel at rural events, promotional activities and develop a comprehensive innovative culinary offer in rural areas. In this way, we will have a positive impact on greater visibility, innovation and demand for the culinary offer of the Gorenjska countryside.

Goals of the Operation:

  • raising the quality of the culinary offer by taking into account the standards of use of locally produced food and taking into account the innovative preparation of dishes,
  • quality standards of locally produced food and food offerings,
  • connection of suppliers with catering providers, who will be able to offer more varied Gorenjska cuisine in this way,
  • greater visibility, competitiveness and demand for the supply of quality food and prepared meals.

Activities of the Operation:

  • project management and coordination,
  • promotion: production of a joint culinary brochure for the purpose of promoting the results of the operation,
  • valorisation of catering facilities and local food and dish providers,
  • training and education to raise competencies in the field of local food and dishes,
  • culinary travel test,
  • the creation of local culinary guides.

Result of the Operation: certain minimum standards for caterers and local food producers.