Church of St. Jakob and Mountain hut St. Jakob (961 m)

From the Kranj-Jezersko road in Tupaliče, turn left towards Preddvor and as soon as you cross the two bridges, turn right towards lake Črnava. At the crossroads at the top of the slope you drive straight towards Jakob. At the chapel turn right and drive straight to the iron fence in front of Turn Castle retirement home where you make a sharp left turn and park in a larger macadam parking lot. Continue on foot along the macadam road and reach Podak crossroads where you will notice a residential house on the left, the road on the right also leads to St. Jakob, but walking on it is not exactly pleasant. You head straight, along a marked hiking trail. After 100 m you reach a crossroads, where the left path leads to the ruins of Pusti castle, and this is also the beginning of the much steeper path to St. Jakob. When you get to the wide road, from where you can see the church of St. Jakob, cross it and after 20 meters you see another crossroads. On the left is the path to St. Jakob past Franci's lodge. If you turn right, you will come to a crossroads, where you turn left towards the church of St. Jakob.

520 m
2,3 km
1 h 25 min
Difficulty Level: