Lovrenc hut and church of St. Lovrenc (892 m)

When you arrive in the village of Bašelj, just before the long bend that leads to the upper part of the village, turn right. The road will take you past densely populated houses along the Belca stream and after less than a kilometer will lead you to the log cabin of the Bašelj Tourist Association. Leave the car in the parking lot and continue along the macadam road. When you pass a log cabin with a picnic area, after a few meters from the road, turn left onto Chamois Trail. The Trail soon begins to climb a slightly steeper slope. At the top is a pine grove and next to it a memorial to the National Liberation War (NOB). Behind the monument, the path descends slightly and touches the road, from which you immediately turn right into the forest. Go all the way to a small parking lot, accessible from Bašelj by a cobbled road, which then leads to the partisan hospital Košuta and Kališče. From the parking lot, turn left onto the forest road. After a few meters you turn right onto the mountain path that leads to the church of St. Lovrenc, or continue walking along the forest road that will take you to Lovrenc hut.

307 m
1,65 km
55 min
Difficulty Level: